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Cheap eBay HDMI auto switch warning!!


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I just thought I'd warn you guys about a cheap 2 port HDMI switch that I bought off eBay which almost fried my computer. The box was transferring power somehow, from the Sky HD box into my computer even when the computer power cable was disconnected. I noticed this morning that the fan was still running on my computer but after disconnecting the "power" cable it continued to run!!! :eek: I disconnected all the cables apart from the HDMI/DVI adapter but the fan was still running. It was only when I disconnected the HDMI switcher that the fan stopped....conclusion...the auto switch box was directing power from the Sky HD box via it in some way. Fortunately my computer was not damaged and after 2 hours of dismantling and re-assembling it, it works fine thank god

I have learnt my lesson and wont be buying cheap electrical goods off eBay again.


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