Cheap DVD Players capable of non-standard VCD playback?


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I'm looking for a cheap (£50 or less) DVD player for my father that will play non-standard VCD discs. In particular those multiplexed from SVCD using the "TMPEGEnc VCD header trick". Anyone have any recommendations......???

Seen a very small width one in Currys (Matsui make at £49.99) anyone know if this will do the above?



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I assume your saying that you want a dvd player that is forgiving enough of standards to play a cd that looks like a vcd but has mpeg 2 files instead of mpeg 1. Apologies if I haven't got a full grasp of it.

Players currently available that seem to be flexible and forgiving of bitrates etc I would say are;

Ronin dvd players
Cyberhome CH400
Pacfific models at Asda
Yamada models

Anyway have a look here it should sort you out;



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Thanks buddy - just the info I needed. Although not sure about ALL Yamada players. Just sent back a Yamada DVD2600 to Amazon since it won't play these non standard VCD discs.

Thanks for the info :)



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I suspect probably not all the Ronin models either as they do a model similar to the DVD2600. Best of luck getting exactly what you want/need.
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