Cheap DVD player for Dad!!


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Hi Chaps,

Have you any recomendations for a cheap (sub £100) DVD player for my dad?

It must be able to play back JPEGS via CD or DVD - R but appart from that I don't think anything is that important, maybe multi-region, but it will be connectted up to an ancient TV via scart so nothing fancy needed!

Oh! User firendly would be a bonus! :smashin:



Oki, done some searching, opinions on these please: :thumbsup:

Sony DVPNS30P DVD Player
Toshiba SD145E DVD player


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asda do a cyberhome around £30, dunno what model, but probably ok for the old man.:thumbsup:


idoru66 said:
You could do far, far worse than the Sony model you list:

£48, and multi-region to boot. Just picked one up myself as a second player for the bedroom. Superb picture via RGB SCART. Currently feeding my Denon 1920 via SCART while I wait for a HDMI-equipped plasma, and frankly the Denon only beats it on image depth and (slightly) on detail.

Indeed, but you really need the HDMI to take full advantage of the Denon. Likewise, the picture on my SD330 is very good through the RGB scart, but the Denon on HDMI is just awesome in both 720p and 1080i. My trusty SD has now been banished to the bedroom to gather dust no doubt.


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Thanks for all the suggestions chaps, much appreciated. :thumbsup:

I will go for the Sony DVPNS29 which is £39.95 from Richer Sounds. Should be perfect for the old boy :D


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