Cheap Citirizine Hayfever Tablets


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I've suffered with Hayfever for nearly 50 years. Citirizine is my choice in alleviating the symptoms.

At one time I would seek a Doctor's prescription to stock-up for the 3 month season, but over time the 'season' got longer, so I switched to buying Boots' own brand. Buying larger packs, especially in buying one and getting the second at half price, was more economic than buying on prescription.

However, I've recently discovered the following...

Boots' 14 Tabs of Citirizine cost £4.29 (or x2 for £5).
From the supermarket, Galpharm's 14 Tabs of Citirizine cost £1.50.

Galpharm's manufacture the same Citirizine Tablets for Boots. It's the same size/dosage, same sized packaging, and almost identical instructions/information leaflet inside the box.

Over 6 months, for 2 of us, switching to Galpharm's will give me a considerable saving.


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Yup citirizine is citirzine, just buy the cheapest.


Check the codes match on the packaging and you are all good to go


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I was buying mine from Aldi, think they were £49 for 18 tablets, done me fine over the years

Edit pence and £

£0.49p!!!!!! For 18 [emoji23]




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Friend at work (and his friends) buys hayfever tabs from PharmacyFirst. As long as the active ingredient is the same dosage, you should be good to go.


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It's all the same stuff. I used to work for the company that 'invented' cetirizine and the active is the same in every type. Also if the manufacturer is the same between 2 brands they are most likely made on the same production lines just with different packaging at the end.


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Yes got mine from Wilko cost next to nothing. They have both types citirizine and Loratadine. Both 10mg, I react better with citirizine and my eldest son Loratadine.

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