Cheap (Chinese) Rugged SmartPhone advice please? October 2019

I believe, Alvy should buy

  • BlackView BV5500 Pro

  • Cubot Quest Lite

  • Cubot Quest 5.5

  • Cubot King Kong 3

  • DooGee S40

  • DooGee S55

  • DooGee S60 Lite

  • E&L S60

  • Nomu M6

  • Nomu S10 Pro

  • Ulephone Armour R3

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Hello Gents,

(prehistory: very pleased in using non biggest TM Branded phones for... almost forever, had variety and as long as well researched- have been happy paying fair price for what they are. Regardless of TradeMark Badges - all are made in China (PRC) anyway.
Still, would rather buy from Amazon, unless there is significant difference of Price/hardware value, as GearBest/BangGood Chinese style of retailing has been rather disappointing in my experience.
Do have several, very fancy SIM numbers and accounts, hence for my work-phone, decided to get "Rugged" one, since having had bit of mishap with one of the phones at work (dropped in to the puddle and more or less killed microphone, apart from small "indent" on the screen).

Not a gamer, care just about functional specs, but would appreciate IP68 protection; must- Dual SIM; 5"+ screen (not too concerned about resolution); 5MP+ camera; 1.3GHZ+ CPU; 3GB+ RAM; 32GB+ internal memory; Flash-light : 3000mAh + battery
... but certainly have grown out of childish "best spec available at a certain date chase", meaning Android 7.0 + is sufficient as most apps would be supported and I expect to use the phone for couple of years at most and upgrade there after. Things as NFC- not needed etc etc

Made a list of "contenders", would appreciate advice and pointers on any of the devices listed bellow, especially, if anybody owned any of them.

Blackview BV5500PRO

Cubot Quest Lite

Cubot Quest 5.5

Cubot King Kong3

Dooge S40

Doogee S55

Doogee S55

Doogee S60 Lite

E&L S60

Nomu M6

Nomu S10 Pro

Ulephone Armour R3

Any pointers or "flaws" in those or even, any suggestions for value phones, tat I have missed out here?

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OKay, didn't have too much of an response/advice, did load of sifting out n00b/fake reviews on all of them and have discounted few because of various reasons as IE Ulephone Armour 3 - not a 4G phone

...but have decided to consider few more makes/models as
Elephone Soldier

Ulefone Armor X5
Ulefone Armor X5 MT6763 5.5 Inch Rugged Phone 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Android 9.0 IP68 Waterproof 5000mAh Battery Global Version

Ulefone Armor 5S

having been seeing all sorts "+" and "-" 'es decided, that I want the phone to be USB type-C connector(instead of micro-USB) , be it under the rubber seal, but it is way better connection for data transfer (faster) and as it turns out more commonly have better (higher W)- faster charging options

any input Gents?
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I doubt many people on the forum know those phones, as an alternative buy a relatively cheap Nokia/Motorola/xiaomi and a rugged case for it.


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I doubt many people on the forum know those phones, as an alternative buy a relatively cheap Nokia/Motorola/xiaomi and a rugged case for it.
Valid opinion! TBH didn't think that way at all, but them cases often render phones useless in a sense of covering mic, speaker, even keyboard/screen sensitivity...
"Food for thought", thanks!


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Yeah, I did warn it was pricey lol , what’s the saying “but cheap buy twice” , only joking, with the Chinese phones I think its just going to be a guess, you might get a great one or real rubbish,

I have owned xiaomi phones and they have great build and support, but are not rugged,
I’d search to see which of the makes you posted in the poll get updates/support


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Let me help you, to help me :p
@82.60 is perfect in every aspect, but not USB type-C

Doogee S55 @107'ish everything is great, +5500 battery, but Micro USB, processor is only 6750 though

or DOOGEE S55 5.5 inch IP68 Waterproof Android 8.0 4GB RAM 64GB ROM MTK6750T Octa Core 5500mAh 4G Smartphone Smartphones from Mobile Phones & Accessories on

So we are looking at a "premium range" in its own rights.
Ulefone Armor 5S 5.85 @117.60, perfec

Cubot King Kong 3 @117.50, perfec, but price now is £126.40

Elephone Soldier @118, perfec, no?
damn it, them sites, site rendering and changes of the price hour by hour drives me up the wall
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i personally would avoid cubot. my mum had a cubot, the camera broke.

i dont know about doogee so can't comment

if you're looking for a low cost reliable phone id look at Xiaomi's budget range.

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