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Cheap but (is it) Cheerfull

Demolition man

Standard Member
Hi guys

Just wanted your opinion on this Hitachi HV565E, for a 1080i HD camcorder for £117 it sounds like real good value.

So what do you think.

a big :smashin:

or :thumbsdow

Thanks for your advice in advance.



Established Member
for all my sins :devil: i do work at argos and have one reserved,

But its do i take the plunge.

It's your money:devil:

It looks like a Sanyo, I had a Sanyo HD(720p) cam, my first HD cam, I was pleasantly impressed at first, then I bought a Canon HV20 (cost a lot more)
I found the colours of the Sanyo compared to my other cams was oversaturated, so lost detail, this can be fixed with a video editor, but the main thing is, these cams capture at 30fps so are effectivley NTSC cams, so all the footage taken with the Sanyo cannot be incorporated with the footage of my PAL cams.

IMO it's a decent enough camera but be aware of your future requirements regarding imcomatability


Established Member
I was close to buying the Vado but after looking at this I might go for this one. However I'd rather wait a bit because from what I've seen the lens/quality doesn't seem to be as good.


just got one of these for the ayatollahs birthday.....it does not come with any internal memory, so you cannot use straight away...also the manual states that you should use sd hc cards with a minimum of standard 4....i have some standard 6 coming from amazon.anyway the basic sd card from my mobile phone went in and although i set it up for the highest resolution(it claims it is hd) i was totally underwhelmed:thumbsdow was not as good as my old hi8 camcorder ...just hoping that the new cards from amazon will improve....otherwise it back to argos for an exchange (as its excluded from the money back offer) :rolleyes:
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Demolition man

Standard Member
Picked mine up yesterday (Sunday) was a bit confused as in the argos book it stated it was a 1080i but on the side of the camera it said it was a 1080p.:eek:

Then when I brought it I took advantage of the half price sd offer. That stated online was a 2gb sdhc class 2 at £6.49. but when I got home I discovered they had given me a standard 2gb :( (took that back today) so went online to memory bits and got a 4gb sdhc class 6 for £6.49 :thumbsup:


Standard Member
Hi all,

thinking of getting one of these, just wondering how everyone is getting on? can we confirm a worlking SDHC card? any chance of sticking 16gb init, and does anyone have and sample of a test original mp4 file shot with this to upload?

any help appriciated.


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