Question Cheap but decent IEMs with mic?


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Hi to all

Would really appreciate some advice/pointers/recommendations re a cheap but decent sounding pair of in-ear headphones. Do such things exist?!

I listen to a mix of stored music, music streamed via Spotify, podcasts and audio books. I'm no hi-fi buff - as evidenced by currently using a pair of Amazon Basics IEMs (but without mic, sadly) which I actually find pretty decent! - but don't like 'tinny' or 'overly bassy' sounding headphones. Balanced with decent depth and range might sum my aural tastes up?

I'm not too fussed re corded vs bluetooth but would probably prefer corded (as long as they're tangle free design!) if given the option.

  • Work with an Android phone (I do 90% of my listening via my phone which has Viper4Android software)
  • Have a mic (for hands-free voice calls) and the ability to answer calls via a button or something on the headphones rather than delving in my pocket for the phone
  • Stay in during exercise (I must have odd-shaped ears as I find this a problem with most in-ear headphones. The ear hook design of the Amazon Basics helps a bit. I have also bodged a pair of foam ear inserts/tips from some earplugs that I've replaced the plastics ear tips with - this seems to help both with remaining in my ears and for noise isolation)
  • Have tangle free cord design/structure (an utter pain with my current pair)
  • Have volume and track control functions on the headphones
  • Not protrude from the ear (ie comfortable to wear while lying on my side)
  • Come with a pouch/case (I'm forever misplacing the set I have!)
  • Have some form of noise cancelling/isolation (for commuting/noisy environments)
Funds are pretty tight and my budget is not much more than £20ish. I totally understand you can't expect much at this price point. I'm more than happy to buy secondhand and have been looking on the Forum Classifieds but IEMs in this price range don't seem to come up that often.

So...I'm looking for recommendations re both new and preloved pairs. Any advice/thoughts/suggestions gratefully received.

Many thanks to you all. :smashin:


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Quick update. I've been doing some research and had some options suggested to me:-
  • Mee Audio IEMs
  • Creative EP-630 with microphone (non-iPhone version)
  • Rock Zircon
  • Swing IE800
  • Final E2000
  • KZ ZS10
Does anyone either have other makes/models to consider and/or possibly have a pair that might fit the bill?

Many thanks

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