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I’m looking to buy my first DSLR at the end of the month and I’ve started checking out some of the accessories I’m likely to need. Amongst them are a spare battery and (possibly) a battery grip.

One option is to bite the bullet and buy the manufacturer’s products and pay the price premium that entails. The alternative is to try some of the cheaper options that are available at a fraction of the price. This may well lead to inferior performance and longevity and a higher risk of failure but might still offer very good value for money in the long run.

One thing does worry me though. Is there any significant risk some of these ‘inferior’ products could cause damage either to the camera or battery charger? Presumably the cheaper the alternative, the greater any risk might be. If that were the case, any perceived value would soon disappear.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.



Third party batteries from 7dayshop have been fine in both my Sony DSLR's when used in-camera and in-grip - cheap and good value - at least as good as the original batteries IME :)



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I guess it depends what type of batteries you need - if they're Li-Ion, then they can be quite dangerous if they're low quality. They can vent with a flame when shorted (can happen internally if improperly made) - this causes an explosion if they're in a sealed unit (like a decent torch/waterproof device), probably not in a camera, but it would still damage it.

I bought a cheap laptop battery which was a 1/4 of the price of an Acer one, it lasted a month or two then wouldn't charge past 70%, and wouldn't give any power to the laptop, thankfully the batteries didn't cause a fire - (read up on laptop fires caused by cheap batteries also!)

Anyway, in my personal opinion, don't bother with them:

1) False economy when they break due to lack of quality control.
2) Can be dangerous. (Lithium-ion primarily.)
3) May invalidate warranty if you don't use manufacturers own brand(?)

Having said that, if someone on here has had great success with cheap batteries, you may wish to give them a go, and I've never heard of any fires with cameras yet either (not that I've looked either).

Just my 2p...
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+1 for 7dayshop,used them for my gripped Canon 450 and 50 also their rechargeable for my speedlite,never let me down in the 3 years I've used them


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I only use 3rd party rechargeables. Some better than others, dont go for the cheapest possible from China and youll be alright. I use Duracell in my 5D, heard good things about Hama and 7 day shop also. Manufacturer batteries are a rip off.


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Thanks to all.

I think the message is to avoid the really cheap ones, including those bundled with third party grips, and concentrate on mid priced products, which still offer significant saving on the manufacturer's prices.

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