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Cheap Av reviecer?


Standard Member
What av reciever can I get for £200 or less? I need to connect audio from a sky box and computer via stereo rca cables and a dvd player by coax or fibre.


Established Member
denon avr-1507 can be had for 199 at richer sounds,would suit you very well im sure.


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What speakers would go well with these? I'm looking for a 5.0 setup currently because I don't really have a place I can put the sub atm.


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I'm also looking at the Denon 1507, can i hook up my existing speakers, which include a non powered passive sub?
They're just standard connections, but only have 50 watts per satalite, so I know I could'nt pump too much volume too them, otherwise I could blow them.

Or could someone suggest some Cheap, but good speakers to buy, to go with the Denon 1507?

Thanx in advance :)


Established Member
i just bought two pairs gale gold monitors from richersounds for £50 a pair (plus gale centre speaker and sub), they sound pretty good, should pair quite well with the 1507...although for £230 you might be able to pick up the 1906 (ex-dem or similar from richersounds)

other speakers could be the KEF KHT1005 system,although beware the stands are £70 a pair and the wall brackets are £30 for 3 (stands for my gales were only £50 a pair and much more substantial)


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Oh, on a side note, anyone seen a review for the Denon 1507? If so could you post a link please :)

Far as I can tell, not much difference between the older 1906 and the 1507, can get either, for same price of £199.99.


Established Member
you can compare both the 1507 and 1906 on the denon website


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I'm looking for a 5.0 setup currently because I don't really have a place I can put the sub atm.
Well be aware that you will be greatly reducing your sound potential.
Remember a sub can be placed more or less anywhere in your room,due to bass being non-directional.
So if you can squeeze one in, it will be to your advantage.


Established Member
On topic, I too was looking at that Denon:


I also saw this on there:


Both look great VFM!

Anything to get rid of this awful sd63hk I have at the moment!

im in the same boat as you, Looking to upgrade my sd42hk all in one and looking at those two amps. Cant decide which one to go with the denon 1930 dvd or go for the sony da1200es and a cheaper dvd player


hi guys yep i recently have bought a yamaha rx-v359 from richer sounds its good sound is brillient since its me first amp and the only thing i could compare was to my logitech z5500 decoder with dts and dd and the yamaha was way better details were clear eespecially for me iron maiden

erm even though the picture shows the 4x banana posts (2xred 2xblack) for 2 fronts for sterio, it doesnt as since you a re buying uk version the caps are filled and you will have to mod them to use them and no voltage changer is at the back so its up to you but i am using mine now with me pc x-fi card and my xbox 360 and i am using 2x acoustic energy evo 1 2x blach ash floorstanders with good quality coper spaker cables from maplins.co.uk they are by shark with banana plugs as the end end result good speakers and i also bought a gale 8 sub for 60 quid from richer sounds well worth it

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