Cheap atmos replacement whilst processor is in for repair?

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Hi, looks like my av8805 is going to be going off for a repair🙄.

As i use the amps every day due to certain issues at home, im looking for a cheap stand in? Im not fussed on marantz can be anything with pre outs for 5.1.4?

suggestions please?


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I tend to switch back to 2ch rig when getting pre pro upgraded and such :)

My bedroom rig is 2ch only

Both can still sound awesome … while. Not doing atmos and such

I use optical / coax for digital sources to a dac, or analog 2ch where have that eg panaub9000 OPPO 205 …

If wanted to OPPO 203/205 can also act as a rudimentary but very high quality Av processor with hdmi switching …

So spilt for choice …

There’s also tv speakers for trash tv :D

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