Cheap and quiet blu ray player


I'm getting rid of my PS4 and looking for a blu ray player to replace it. I noticed it could get quiet loud when reading the disc, especially for the first 10 mins of the film.

Does anyone have any recommendations for something quieter? £100-150. Just need something basic really. Don't have a fancy set up.



Not much choice out there within your budget really. Even the high end players will make some noise on initially reading UHD discs although this usually goes away once the film starts to play. It has to be said though that even those entry level players will be substantially quieter than a PS4 once play begins.

You need to look at the Panasonic players or Sony, but the choice is very limited indeed.
Thanks for the info. I won't be playing UHD discs; just standard blu rays (I assume they're a little quieter?). As long as it's less loud than the PS4 during the film, that's fine. I'll take a look at those brands. Cheers!


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I have a Sony S6700 Blu-ray player and it's not that bad. A great little player although released in 2016 you can still purchase new for less that £100.


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Yup, the 6700 is a good lump. Can be a little noisy on occasion — general mechanical noise during playback — at least mine is, but easily solved with a set of rubber feet. One of Sony’s better players.

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