Cheap and cheerfull DVD Recorder?


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Im in need of DVD Recorder to use as a DVD player and use the recording facility only to backup stuff i've recorded on my V+ box (PVR).

TBH I really dont need anything flash. All it needs to do is output the DVD and record! I would need it to play DivX and Xvids would be nice. It will be connected to my plasma (Panasonic TH50PX70) which will handle the upscaling but since i've already got 2 HDMI inputs being used, it'll have to either have component output or il have to buy an HDMI switch :rolleyes:

I havent got any home audio system, but it would be nice for it to have the nesscary connections to be connected to a 5.1/6.1 system as i may purchase one in the near future. This is optional though.

Cheap as possible please! I wouldnt even mind going secondhand unless you guys think that i shouldnt?


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Sorry to rain on your parade but the requirements cheap and surround sound just don't add up. I'm no expert but the little I know of the market Recorders do not often if at all offer 5.1+ Your best bet is to look in Argos for both individually and choose what you want. Than Froogle them and find the best internet deal! It was not long ago that ASDA were selling DVD players for £8.00! But if you want surround sound I would look for a player that has an optical out and a recorder that accepts + and - media.


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Are you sure its not common? Because a quick ebay search comes up with this:

Dirt cheap recorder with 5.1 output? Actually LOTS on ebay of recorders on ebay, from cheap to expensive have optical outs (some listings state digital audio out, is that the same thing?).

I just find it odd it they wouldnt include this feature into DVD Recorders since many basic DVD players even offer it nowadays :rolleyes: But as i said, i havent got a surround sound system, and im not really looking into getting one, but having the ablitity to upgrade without repurchasing other components helps. So its just an extra to my requirments if possible :smashin:

Reason im not going for the one above is because, although it only needs to back up programmes from my PVR, i also need it to be my main DVD Player. I dont watch many as i normally watch stuff via my laptop. However you have to have one!

I have an extremely basic, cheap, horrible player connected via composite which gave dreadfull results when played onto my plasma. However i put the same DVD into my PS3 which is connected via HDMI, and the picture was amazing in comparison! The PS3 upscales the DVD BTW and i dont want to wear out the lazer on this with DVD playing; that thing is for pure gaming!

Im not sure why the difference in picture is. Its either the PS3 does a better job upscaling then my TV, OR simply because its a better DVD player and its also connected via HDMI which is much better than a composite signal :rolleyes:

Im therefore hoping for a DVD Recorder, with DVD playback which is close to the PS3. Componenet output is really prefered as i've run out of HDMI ports :thumbsup:


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I've also found this on ebay:

Can anyone help please? Does anyone have any experiences with this player or the one i linked in the post above?

Also regarding picture image, why does the PS3 playback of DVD's look so good compared to my other player?

Is it because the PS3 is connected via HDMI and the other is connected via composite. Is it because the PS3 is upscaling? Or is it just the cruddy DVD player i have has a terrible picture compared to the PS3? Or if its all 3 points contributing, which is the most signifficant?

Thanks :thumbsup:


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If HDMI is an issue then you can buy a Joytech splitter from or Amazon for about £35! And I did not know you would consider secondhand. Since I bought a new TV 10 years ago that died 11 months and two weeks exactly, I personally steer well clear of secondhand and unkown makes.


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Well i got one in the end. Just a cheap LG DR275 recorder. All the specs are spot on, Component Output, Coaxial Output, RGB Input [i think!], DivX support, can be made multiregion easily and was pretty cheap at £73.50 including p&p from dixons. Also black so will blend in with the rest of my equipment, even though its going in a cabinet anyway :D

Wish me luck with it!


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Well done! LG are one of my favourite makes, I just finished mounting a small 26 LG LCD on my bedroom wall(never again!) I do indeed wish you well with that! Dixons are shaping up nicely as regards AV bargains! Do you know that LG are part of the Philips group of companies!:thumbsup:


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If I had read this thread sooner I would have definately recommended the LG DR275, had one a few months cheap and cheerful but does the job!:thumbsup:


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Do you know that LG are part of the Philips group of companies!:thumbsup:

Not quite...LG Electronics and Philips formed a partnership in a joint venture to manufacture various products...mainly LCD Displays...LG/Philips.
They are still two separate companies.


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I also have an LG recorder.

Its the DR 175 and have been very happy with it.

The PQ is very clear playback on normal DVDs and DIVX is very good much better than when recording in SP.

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