Cheap and cheerful bedroom DVD player?


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My partner wants a second DVD player for our bedroom (for a 14" portable TV).
Obviously quality is not the issue here.
I would quite like to use it as the bedroom cd player hooked upto my separates as well.

So on my wish list is:
RCA audio outs for my amp
Optical (pref., but coaxial would be fine) audio out - for connection to a minidisc recorder.
All region playback
MP3 compatibilty
Will play everything you throw at it (i.e. VCD/SVCD/DVD-+R)

Picture quality is bottom of the list. The cheaper the better.
Anyone know of any strange unknown branded players that will do the job? Pref. under £50.


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Deft.. Comet have a bargain of a Proline 1050 for 30 notes at the mo. (If they still have the £38 sign up tell them to check their website ;-) )

It's has all the features you described, but two of them packed up so I got my money back and decided to do it properly instead of on the cheap for the living room


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