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Hi I've got a Sonos setup connected to a Denon 12 zone amp which I can control via ip or serial . I've still got a few zones which need hooking up but don't require high quality (showers etc...) I have ceiling speakers all leading back to a server room. I'd quite like to test out using chromecast audio to see how that would compare price wise and functionally.

So my question is what is the lowest cost way of powering these speakers? These are rooms where the music may only be on a few times a week so I don't want the Amps powered up all the time. As I said I also don't need great sound.

The nice thing with the denon is that it has zone audio triggering so is on standby when not use. Alternatively are there cheap amps with network control so I can trigger them on when needed.

Or are there Amps which use no power when no signal?


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Are you willing/ able to go diy on this? I just bought some njm 2072 ic's with this sort if thing in mind.
The ic should be capable of signal detecting and the. Operating a relay.
So the plan was to build up a simple circuit and then monitor the outputs of the Chromecast, the turn a relay on should there be some music playing from the Chromecast.
Amp wise you could buy some cheap simple unit from eBay/china ie: eBay

Then just mount them in a box with a power supply, job done......

This is my plan, the ic's are still sitting there waiting to be tested, but don't see why it shouldn't work!


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In the end I found a Chinese amp which runs 12v and has an Ir remote so I'll switch it using an Ir blaster. Could probably use tasker to turn it on when I use chromecast.

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