cheap 720p stopgap until 1080p is cheaper or buy big TV now?


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I want a big TV in the new year and don't want to wait.

I was considering getting a whole 42 inch machine as I think it will be possible to get a reaonable 720p for £700 or less in the new year, Argos already have advertised a Warfdale at this price.

But then I got to fully understand the difference between 1330 and 1920 and am wondering whether it makes sense to just get whatever 32 inch 1330 I can find for less than £400, and wait a couple of years to go properly HD when the format war is over and get a proper 1920 pixel width set.

The way I see it, if 1330 is going to feel a little subpar when either bluray or HD DVD take off. Why bother investing something subpar now?

Any opinions on the matter?


Format wars? Are you talking about whether to get a tv that supports HD-DVD or Bluray. Either should work on either 720 or 1080, provided you have the requisite HDMI sockets. The tv won't distinguish between the two different disc types - that's up to the player.


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No I'm saying that most people won't commit to HD media until there is a clear winner, hence there will not be much need for 1080p machines until that point.

But when HD media does become mainstream, it will suck to have to play iton 720 sets.


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thats is a good point. I don't want to be one of those people obsessed with invisible quality, but I would have thought that the extra 600 or so pixels were significant enough to warrant accounting for.

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