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Hi, i don't really know too much about all this, so forgive me if i'm a total dunce.

right, i have a philips dvp1500 dvd player, which has a coaxial digital out connection.

I'm looking for a cheap dolby 5.1 decoder, i.e. under or around £150. I've seen the sony HT-DDW670, the YAMAHA RX-V350 5.1, and the PIONEER VSX415-K 5.1 receiver.

The sony comes with speakers, where as the others don't. but i already have 2 large speakers and two mid size speakers, so maybe i could just use those, and buy a subwoofer. would that work?

also i've seen packages which come with a dvd player. as i already have dvd player i don't really wanna buy any of these packages, cause you're obviously paying £50 extra for it, but all these packages seem to be cheaper. why don't they sell these without the dvd player.


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Why dont you jusdt buy a decent stereo amp and connect your dvd player to that?Lots of people in here prefer stereo sound anyway.If you are going to go down the 5.1 route then its advisable to get a centre speaker( dialogue) that is the same make and stable as the front left and right speakers to get the tonal balance right. For example my front pair of Kef Q 55s come with a Kef Q 85c( centre) This is why speakers are often sold in packages. Rear speakers are not so important.
My previous AV amp ( Denon 1800) use to allow me to play the front two and rear two without a centre channel. I think the setting rerquired was called Phantom but I'm not entirely sure. You could check with a dealer whether any amp you are interested has this facility
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