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After a few years of a low budget PC speakers 5.1 setup, I quite fancy the next step up on the home cinema ladder. Basically I would like a decent ish setup which I could connect via optical cable so I could switch between my DVD player and Sky HD by swapping a single cable.

My extremely limited understanding of all this means I simply require a 5.1 setup that has an optical input so I could connect said system to DVD/HD with a single optical cable and no fuss?

If this is true, my next question is, is this possible for less than £100? I am by no means a sound buff and would not likely be able to tell the difference between a £100 system and a £300 system. However surely anything I do buy would be better than my PC speaker setup (which to be honest I've no major complaints over). If if it possible, what would you recommend for sub £100?

I did some research on the forum and camne across Acoustic Solutions DS534 Home Theatre, as it has an optical input, could this solve all my probelms or is there better kit out there?

Also as a side note, are there cables around that would connect optical to 6.1 PC sound card output?

EDIT: Even better, just checked and the DVD player I was thinking of getting (Philips DVP5960) features digital coaxial, so does that mean I could connect DVD to speakers via coax and speakers to HD via optical (both at same time) and I would not even have to bother swapping cables?

Thanks for reading!


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if the acoustic solutions has a coax in,as well as optical in,then you could connect the 2.
but thinking its a bargain at £100 or so,is false.
the acoustic solutions sets are that price for a reason,they,IMO,are rubbish.


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What's wrong with them, are there any reported faults? I have a small room, about 3.5m x 5m, and it seems fine to me.
I bought the acoustic Sollutions setup, and I got a faulty speaker, and the wrong nut for the speaker stands. It also has no HDMI inputs. It did sound good however, slightly tinny, but I like Treble more than Bass. because of the faults, I sent it back.

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