Cheap 2.1 or 5.1 Speaker System?


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I am looking to upgrade my current speaker system to go with my PS3. I currently have this but want to spend a little more on a better 2.1 system or a good 5.1 system.

Preferably I need it to be black and under £100. It also needs to be able to connect to my PS3 in some way. I don't know much about the technical side of things so please don't confuse me :D

Also a remote control would be good too as my current setup has the control on the speaker which is a pain. Also if it is a 5.1 system are the wires usually long enough? Or would I have to extend them in some way?

Any help appreciated.



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Sorry, but you aren't going to find any decent 5.1 surround systems for £100. Even 2.1 would be pushing it - for use with the PS3 (and hdmi output to your television) you'll need an optical digital input as a minimum. I would suggest you look along the lines of the Logitech Z-5400, Pioneer HTP-GS1 or Sony HT-DDW790.

If you're prepared to use the component video option on your PS3 then that does open up the use of stereo 2.1 speaker packages within your budget - the Acoustic Energy Aego M for example.



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^^^ As he says :(

It is better to have decent stereo than horrible 5.1
Buy a T-amp and look for some second hand Klipsch RB series. It will sound way better than anything you can get for 100 pounds, although probably a bit harsh in the highs.

Forget about a subwoofer until you can invest above 100 pounds in one.

Make a plan for an upgrade path, and go adding stuff as funds permit. It is better than buying a lesser all-in-one at once, and starting again from zero one year later, IMO.

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