Cheap (£300ish) 28" TV required.


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Mar 18, 2003
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My girlfriends TV, a Black Diamond, has stopped working so she needs a replacement.
But she only has about £300 to spend. Can anyone recommend a good 28" set they have bought recently?

Cheers guys.
Thanks for that driver8. I ended up buying a Panasonic 28PS12 and DVD player combo from Comet on Wednesday. £500 for the lot.
I know that's outside her budget but I'll let her off with the difference.
I'm very impressed with the TV. The picture is really good. I turned off the flicker fixer and the other processing stuff, apart from the AI, and it looks great.
The DVD player was causing a bit of inteference with her cable box when I used a scart splitter but it was OK after I moved the DVD to AV3.
3 scart sockets (2 RGB) on a TV for that price is pretty good I think.
I bought my Mother the above mentioned Philips 28" 6006 with FM Radio and she is delighted with it. Great value for £299
Originally posted by trevor g
sainsburys do a philliphs 28 - 6006 with radio for less than 300

seen this one in Somerfield for £250
I thought that £500 package deal in Comet was for a TX28PS1, not a PS12? (The PS1 has two SCART sockets, not 3)

If you got a PS12 then let me know - thats a cracking deal for £500 plus a DVD/Video combo!


The package your thinking of is for the PS1 and DVD/VCR but the £500 PS12 based package is for the TV and a matching DVD player.

It's definately the PS12 I took over to the girlfriends house last week.
Ah, i see. Was in Comet yesterday and never saw that package being offered - pretty good deal.

Just bought a TX28PS12 from John Lewis actually - end of the line as they don't stock it any more. £449 with free delivery and 5 year guarantee which i thought was a great deal.

Let you know what i think when it arrives tomorrow.


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