Chavs have fun in playground

ush flynn

Novice Member
wow, who would have thought it was possible for people to be so stupid. Those girls need brains. They deserved what they got. The boys deserve worse.
Perhaps reverse rolls and put the boys in the roundabout and use a chrysler tomahawk to do the spinning

Greg Hook

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or possibly :rotfl:


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Jeeez... What a bunch of complete ******s, they are! :rotfl: I wonder how long it takes for the parents of the girls, to try and sue the local council?! :rolleyes:


Dr Diversity

That's Crawley for you. Now you know why we want to keep the green gap between Crawley & Horsham!




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I read somewhere that teenagers cant understand there actions because there brain's are'nt fully developed.........therefore they act then say- OH YEAH, I didnt realise that.:D

BTW Im not justifying what they did, common sense says dont do it *censored!*


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bunch of inbreds.


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:D true! - burn them all - actually enforce statutory national service :) get some discipline in them.


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GJC said:
actually enforce statutory national service :) get some discipline in them.
you want numbskulls like that holding a gun? :eek: :eek:


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That just made my night! There's nothing better than "know it all" teenagers finding out the hard way, that they know knack all :rotfl:


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LOL that's brilliant those idiots got what they deserved. :D


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Very Very Funny :rotfl: :rotfl:

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