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Chase cam


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Never used it. I mainly use bumper cam. Although it seems stange, I can only use cockpit cam when using a Wheel. Really find it difficult when using the pad. Anyone else?


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I can't use the chase camera at all in Gran turismo, there is something about the way it moves, i am usually OK with it in other games though. i think the bumper cam is the best one for me and I never use that camera view in any other racing game before GT5P


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The chase cam is rigidly fixed so its hard to judge drifts imo. I dont use it unless i'm stuck on certain races where i need to weave through other cars.


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I use it from time to time when using a pad but often use the bumper or bonnet cam when using pad/wheel. Depends on mood or what's being raced etc.

Tried cockpit view but seems pretty crap now somehow. Not a patch on GT5P's.

Deleted member 209349

have you tried adjusting how much view you can see from the cockpit view? Its in the start menu. I like using the cockpit, but i find it easier and sounds better from the bonnet view.


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I know what you mean about the chase cam. To me it feels like the car is almost permanently fixed at 90 degrees to the screen and seems to slide sideways on the road. The bumper cam is better on GT5 than other driving games but I didn't realise you could amend the view window so I'll try that out :smashin:

I did try out the Nissan Stealth car though that I got as a code and this was loads better from the chase cam.

Be better if the chase cam had a kind of floating mode.


Senior Moderator
OK I will put my hands up. I admit I do sometimes switch out of cockpit view for license tests if the game starts getting touchy about straying over lines :p

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