Charlie Bigham's ready meals


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Inspired by the recent advertising campaign, what are people's opinions of his ready meals?

They're beautifully presented in their snazzy packaging, but are they worth the extortionate cost?
Even when reduced to clear they're still too pricey for me to impulse buy, but if they're actually really good I might have to try one some day.


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A mate, who has questionable taste in food, has said these are amazing...

Can’t recall the last ready meal I ate however, which is really the only reason I haven’t tried them. That, and he said they were from Sainsbury’s which is miles away.


I’ve tried most of them, as recently as last night (chicken tikka masala) and they are all very good.

Meatballs al Forno
Thai chicken curry
Mac and Cheese
Cottage Pie

The only one I’ve not tried is the Fish pie and as they all serve 2 the actual cost/person is very good value for money for the quality.

Extortionate they aren’t for good restaurant quality examples like this.


oh and can also be found in Waitrose and Tesco as well as Sainsbury’s


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I love 'em, real treat.
Tikka Masala
Meatballs al forno
Macaroni Cheese
These are the ones i have tried and they are all banging.:clap:


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Thanks for the replies, the lasagne and the macaroni ones do look tempting. I'll stop being tight next time one is on offer and try it.


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I don't have ready meals very often but these are the best I've found. Their lasagne is very good, as our their curries.


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Best ready meals I’ve ever tried. They’re great for a Friday night treat in our house.


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I quite like the chicken tikka masala.

I used to like the chicken in white wine sauce but the last time I had it, the mash was horrible. It tasted like it had flour in it and was more like dough than mash.
It may have been a one-off but has put me off risking another unenjoyable meal.
I also used to like the cottage pie but now I'm concerned that it may also have the same mash.


Only ever tried the pies, and they are every bit as good as home made. So damn the expense as an occasional treat!


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we love the chicken tikka masala

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