Charging PS3 controller (Can I use Apple USB charger?)


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Sounds daft (maybe) but how do you charge the wireless PS3 Dualshock3 controller, not using the PS3 USB ports?

I have a Apple USB mains charger, but it states 1A @ 5v, whereas on the back of the DS3 it states 3.7V @ 300mA so the Apple mains seems too large for it to charge.

Where else can you charge it? I know a PC/Mac but then needs to be on all the time, I have a Wii, someone said their USB ports are "on" all the time, but I plug it into the Wii when its in standby (red light on Wii) and nothing happens

I dont really want to buy another separate charger as have enough for all other gadgets!

anyone? what do you do?



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I tried to charge my DS3 using the Apple USB mains charger but it doesn't work. Annoying for me also as I don't want to leave my PS3 or PC on to charge the controllers.

I'm guessing you will have to buy a separate charger for the controllers.

Anyone else got any solutions?

Ed the Penguin

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USB port on the V+ box works a treat.

Ed the Penguin

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got a V+ wow does that work, didnt know one even there! do U leave a cable plugged in hidden round the back then?

Yup, the cable comes out the back and back round where my controllers sit. Nice and tidy!
The good thing is it charges my phone too!


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Apple sell a USB cable that can charge any PS3 controller, its the same as any other USB cable but it's white and costs £49.99 :p

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