Charged to receive MMS on o2 PAYG


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Jan 10, 2007
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Ive just started getting charged 91p for every MMS i receive. Dunno why. Noticed it when my mate sent me a message and i got the "you wont be charged more than £1 for data on your phone today" after receiving it. So i checked my balance, got my mate to send another one the next day, and noticed this time my balance went down once i received it.

Quick Google found someone else other day getting charged. Only started happening recently
Do you get free data with your PAYG deal? Has that run out (phone O2 to check to be sure)? It sounds like you have no 'free' data left so you are literally paying as you go. MMS needs a data connection and if you're mate sends you a reasonable sized image, it's going to cost you to download it if you don't have free access to data.

Let's say your PAYG deal gets you 500MB when you top-up, if that runs out you automatically moved to what I think O2 call 'Web Daily' which lets you use data for a maximum of £1/day. The next day that resets and it's another £1/day.
Yea im in the process of changing to text n web as i dont get free data at the moment. However ive never been charged before to recieve mms

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