Charcoal or Silver?


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I'm undecided whether to get a charcoal or silver PHD8 42". Silver is more modern but a black bezel gives the illusion of more contrast. What do you think?


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what colour is the rest of your kit? i personally prefer black but if your kits all silver and the plasmas going close silver may look better.

remember its hard to get black AV kit if you haven't bought yet, but its becoming more popular again :)


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I haven't got anything at the moment except for an old black video and a silver Pace DS430N. I'm using 10 year old 14" TV! The light fittings are silver in the lounge as are all the kitchen appliances and kitchen table and chair legs... :rolleyes:

Does a silver bezel stand out and distract the eye?


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yes. Balck DVD and Amps are pretty common...unfortunately all digi boxes seem to be silver so have to be tucked away a bit.


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do you think there is a market here for a clip on frame in any colour ?
perhaps a better question is what colour should i choose ?


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black i the way to go, black is indeed the new silver as far as plasma's go

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