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Channels disappeared one night, and they aint come back.


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I was waiting for Dead Ringers to start on Dave Friday night, and the picture on my 2year old aerial via a freeview box started to break-up.

I changed channel, and lots of the channels such as Five did it, stuck watching BBC1.

I turned off the TV that night, and hoped it would be fine the next day, as this occassionally happens, but ever since, anything on 39 has gone, I have gone from 70 channels to 58. A similar thing happened a few months ago when Virgin and Film4 vanished.

Rescaning doesn't pick-up those channels, and I am stuck with nothing to watch. I am thinking that the aerial is naffed, but according to the box the channels that still exist have excellent signal, and the aerial was only installed about 2 years ago to get freeview.

I don't want to pay someone to check out the aerial, try to rip me off, and find out that the aerial isn't the issue. My area doesn't officially have freeview, even after the switchover, so is this just the transmitter that I leech from turning down the power resulting in me losing channels, or could it be the aerial, looking from the ground it seems fine.

Thanks for any advice.


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Why don`t you nip along to either Argos

Argos exclude Freeview boxes from this no quibble return...you're supposed to check you can receive Freeview before purchasing...you can't use the "I can't receive Freeview" as a reason for returning.


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I wouldn't have thought it would be your aerial if it has worked fine for 2 years, probably the cable or the box? although I have been wondering if they have been doing tests and the signal has been affected sometimes?

You can try here to check the transmitters for engineering work
http://www.ukfree.tv/txlist.php but they seem to say ok for most.

Did you try turning your Freeview box off for about 30 minutes from the plug and also resetting to factory settings?

It could be cheap aerial cable maybe it has had a lot of water degrade it? you could try upgrading the cable to something like H109/CT100 or the slightly more expensive foam WF100. Take care ofcourse if you do get any and fit it yourself.

Best to try a friends box first to try and get some idea if its your box or the cable/aerial. If the box still doesn't work then unless its transmitter faults try replacing the cable.

Hope that helps


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I know this may sound odd, but it used to happen to my original Freeview TV set: the weather has recently changed, and it could just be as simple as that if you are on the edge of reception.

Have you tried a simple booster amplifier?

If you don't want to believe that the aerial is wrong in someway, then either reception has gone down, or there's something wrong with the rest of the kit. One way or another you have to test it, or put up with fewer channels.

If you are on the very edge of reception you need a high gain aerial with a mast amplifier to make the best of what signal there is. I would suggest you ask a few local aerial installers for advice, and quotes.

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