Channel sorting on nx100 (Sony IDTV) greyed-out. Why?


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The channel sorting option in my nx100 menu is greyed-out and always has been, anyone else suffering this way?

Are dx100's OK?

It's most annoying when my pre-evening tv is dominated by channel 31 (CBeebies)


Manually tune them instead, I had a DX100 and it was the only way to put a channal where I wanted it !!!


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I could do that, but everytime they launch a new channel (which with freeview looks like every couple of months), wouldn't I have to wipe all my settings and do an auto tune to find where the new channel lives, note the new settings and then manually re-tune them all in again. (and then again a few months later)?


Any idea why the menu is greyed out? Is it a fault?

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