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    I am having difficulty receiving Channel M (203). I have a Pace V2 Sky+ (250gig HDD upgrade) and up until recently was having problems with 'no satellite signal received' on all channels. Fitting a new quad LNB cured the problem and I can receive all channels now except 203. When I select 203 I either get a totally blue screen or a blocky/frozen picture. I tried out a different box (picked up a cheap one on ebay identical to mine but with standard 40gig HDD in) but still the same problem persisted with channel 203. I then conected back up the old box and did a planner rebuild and channel download. I could then receive 203 ok (the only thing I did different was conect the two inputs the other way around) but now it has reverted to the old problem. I rang SKY and they didnt seem to have an answer. The question is has anyone else had a problem receiving 203? When I select the channel and it is locked up I am still getting an excellent signal from both inputs.

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