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Does anyone know why our tvs are initially populated with a channel list beginning with No.1___BBC1 etc.?., leading to hours of fun going 'round the houses' re ordering the list
logically , i.e., to No.1___BBC1 HD etc. Or is it just me?.


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It's possible that not everyone can receive the HD channels and also that there are still some TVs around that don't contain the HD tuners needed. Bizarrely, there are also still times when BBC One HD doesn't show content (eg. regional news).

It's for those reasons that a TV automatically putting channels into numerical order seems a sensible starting point and the non-HD channels still occupy those first few slots unfortunately.

Personally, I don't mind that the HD channels are close together on the Freeview listings, as these are the channels I watch the most - viewing SD channels on a large-screen TV is not a great experience these days !

I get what you're saying though and I bet you're not alone. Maybe manufacturers could add a 'replace channels with their HD equivalents where available' checkbox when tuning ?


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Thanks for your reply. I would have thought HD (by audience) coverage is almost, complete, and SD only tuners well into the minority. Those who regularly view BBC regional programmes, as i do, know the channel Nos.
I agree SD is poor, but necessary (until the Beeb enters the 21st centuary) for viewing regional news.(please don't get me going about regional news coverage, ITV central thinks the Midlands is anywhere West of Coventry. At least they broadcast in HD.).Sorry about that. Returning to the subject i, and i suspect many others still use the time honoured way to change channels ie, by pressing buttons.I'm not young,(70s) and my ndns are both intheir 90s!
and, quite understandably, they press 1 to watch BBC 1 , 3 for ITV, etc.etc , whilst watching their HD smart set !!!., and awaiting BB upgrade 'to improve our picture quality' They are not alone.
I really do think its about time this list was sorted out, HD channels first., BBC1HD at No.1 etc,followed by BBC SD channels etc.
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