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We have sky+ and I get five,five life and five us, but in the bedroom we just use an old card in our old digi box to get the free channels, but we have lost all the five channels in the bedroom, I thought five was a free channel with a card or have they changed it?:thumbsup:

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I resubscribed to Sky a couple of weeks back. Up 'til then I was using a an old card and was able to view all the Five channels ok.

Possibly a problem with your card?


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This has happeded to me as well - and more frustratingly (is that a word?) Channel 4 seems to be unavailable as well. Everytime I go to C4 or C5 I get an onscreen message asking me to insert my viewing card - BBC and ITV channels are received no problemo. First noticed it on Monday, but I only switch it onto these channels when feeding baby late at night.


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Everytime I go to C4 or C5 I get an onscreen message asking me to insert my viewing card

This could be a clue. You need to insert your viewing card for those "Freesat" channels.


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SamRadford - Thanks, but the fact is the card is in. If you don't pay for Sky (and in this instance I cancelled Multiroom) the Sky card reverts to a 'freesat' one. If I remove the card I get no channels whatsoever, when I insert the card I get all the BBC and ITV channels (plus a few more not worth mentioning) but none of the Channel 5 ones or Channel 4. The message onscreen is wrong as there is a card inserted, but for some reason it decides to show the error message rather than the broadcast. I just mentioned the error message to see if there was parity with 'thekingbeyonds' original post.

But thanks again and I hope I've cleared up what is happening on my set up.
The card is only needed for Channel 4, the Fives and Sky 3.

The card needs to regularly receive a "stay alive" signal from the satellite which if it misses the card will deactivate. Cards will not receive this signal if the box is turned off/not connected to the mains (standby is OK) for any length of time. The card should reactivate if the card is left in the box (either in use or standby) within 72 hours maximum and often overnight.

Other than that if the box has not been turned off, try cleaning the card with a lint free dry cloth (specs cleaner?) and insert the card two or three times into the slot to clean the card contacts in the box. If this does not work check the card in another box as the card reader may be faulty in your box.


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Guys thanks for your replies:thumbsup: , I have done a New Installation reset and cleaned the card and slot with some electrical contact cleaner just in case it was dirty. On reboot the missing channels showed up:D , weird it was just the five channels though.

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