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Hi All,

Had my Sky HD box for about 20 days now and have been watching a variety of material, both HD and Standard.

I was just wondering if people had observed the same as me, that is how good the SD picture quality is on Five ?

I was watching CSI Miami the other night and I was seriously impressed with the picture presentation, I have noticed this on other five broadcast, but particularly with the sun and see Miami offers.

ITV on the other had is dreadful, blocky and seemingly very poor, some programmes better than others.

It seems strange that different channels seems to offer varying qualities.

I can understand UK Gold, maybe being pooring viewing quality, but ITV really sould at least be to the same quality as Five, BBC, etc.

Anyway, would appreciate others views on this.

Set up is via a Sony Bravia 40S2010, which I am very please with a vast improvement using the S-PVA screen over the previous S, I really didn't see the point in paying £300 extra for a different case on the V series.


Darren :)


Five is broadcast at a higher bitrate and resolution on DSAT than ITV1 hence the better picture (for a better ITV1 picture, use Freeview).

Enjoy it while it lasts because Five is launching two new SD channels on all platforms, and you can be sure that Five's bitrate on DSAT will drop to accomodate them.


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Black Hawk Down on at the moment looks excellent quality, even better than some of the HD movies on SkyMovies HD. Just goes to show how important bitrate is. HiDef without high bitrate can give you a worse picture than a high bitrate SD movie.


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When watching Channel 5 or say Las Vegas on Sky One i've often wondered if Sky HD will be able to beat it as the picture quality is stunning to say the least.
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