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Hello all,

I am having the devils own problme with series links for certain Channel 4 programmes - namely, Countdown and Big Brother.

Countdown is on Monday-Friday at 3.45 pm, so this should be a simple series link? No. Having set up the series from the EPG the programme is only 'found' once a week. For the other shows I get a '!' highlight in the EPG with messages such as:

'This show has already recorded'
'This show will record on <date>'

Series Settings are:

Stop - On Time
Quality - Best
Keep - Until Space Needed
Keep up to - as many as possible
Channels - 104 Channel 4 only
Airtime - at 15.45
Show type - first run and rerun

I've tried using first run only - this makes no difference.

Countdown used to work! Is there something not-so obvious I'm doing wrong, or is this a problem with EPG data from Channel4?

Thoughts appreciated.


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