Changing XBox 360?


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Dec 14, 2007
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I have a 360 which has the 20gb hard drive on top but unfortunately i have the 1 red light with the error code 74.

My local dealer said they can fix it for £45 but is this a good time to reject this and instead buy a second hand elite 360 with the falcon chip for an extra £100?

Also, what is the falcon chip and what does it do?

All help would be greatly appreciated.
the falcon chip is just a new smaller version of the original 2005 360.

have you called MS as they increased all the 360 warranty's to 3 yrs (my has been replaced by them and the 3yrs is on the new box till 2009 now as i got it on release day 2005)

if youve all ready got a 360 then you could just get an Arcade to replace it (new for around £160 with a 3yr warranty cover) otherwise i think you'd end up with double some things
3 yr warranty only covers the RROD - 3 red lights.

normal repair charge from MS is £90, but if you tell them to stick it and say you'll use that money towards a Wii they'll phone you back in a day or 2 and offer you it for half price with a free game as compensation - usually Viva Pinata!!;)
I went from a Xenon to Falcon. The change over was pretty painless apart from Double Dragon (XBLA) refusing to work.
Spoke to Microsoft yesterday. Not interested, they say error 73 is not a common problem and want £60.00 to repair. I said I will buy a PS3 instead, still not interested.

Spoke to a manager, still no joy. I have sent a long email complaining and pointing out all the issues on forums etc and mentioned BBC Watchdog. Waiting for response.

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