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Hey all

Sorry for the stupid question but I am still learning.
I've got an active sub connected via LFE to my AVR. When I change volume on the AVR, does that alter the volume level in the sub as well, or must that be done manually via the subs volume dial? I'm not understanding the actual signal that is sent to the sub. As in, is the LFE data only the sound required, or is there level/volume data in there as well?
I know I could just test but I just installed the speakers last night and I'm stuck at work wondering.



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Hi Alan,

Yes...adding more volume (Gain in the AVR) will add more volume at the sub. Sending a higher signal to the sub

Its a little more complex but its easy to simplify.
The avr is a gain...sends more signal to the will go louder or quiter depending on what you do. add more gain or reduce gain

Also when you turn the volume up on the AVR it increases the signal to the does increase the subs volume

So...what to do.

Simply put the AVR sub to 0db...then run the test tone do the sub and then turn the volume up to 75DB (Meaured with an SPL) using the subs volume knob.

LFE is just the sound...doint worry about this bit :)

All amps have gain settings or reduction settings to stop the amp running flat out....we call it the volume knob :)

Just following the instructions and your at the starting point for any tweaking
Do you have an SPL?
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Thanks for the reply.
I didn't know if the signal from LFE was the actual sound or a digital signal that got decoded at the AMP, but your reply cleared that up.
Luckily, for a dumbo like me, the AVR (Yamaha rx-v671) has got an automated setup to take most of the hassle away from me.
Thanks again

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