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Hopefully someone can help me with this.

I'm looking at setting up my lounge with a 5.1 speaker config. However, I will have 2 viewing positions using different sofas:
1. For watching tv
2. For watching projector.

Position number 2 will be perpendicular to position 1 as the 'projector' sofa is at 90 degrees to the 'tv' one. Therefore, what would be my front right speaker if watching TV would then become my rear right when watching the projector.

My question is whether there is any amplifier which will will enable me to easily switch my listening position and re-configure the speakers accordingly? I don't want to be switching plugs round the back of the amp every time I want to use the projector.



I'd be surprised if that could be done, but some of the experts in the amplifier forum might know better so ask there.


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I hurt my brain with this. So here is the idea. It can be impimented in a number of ways with a switching box. This is the eaiest way to imagine it though not necessarily cheapest or best way to impliment it. Imagine you have 2av amps. One has a 5.1 seperate input (they do exist) This is the one that is connected to the speakers. Now imagine an amp before this in the chain. This amp has pre outs. This is connected in 2 ways to the other amp. A digital output to a digital input. And 5 phonos from the pre outs to the 5.1 input. But these are placed in different inputs so when this input is switched the back becomes the front or whatever. The speakers stay wired as normal.


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Cheers Bow. I appreciate your efforts.

I was hoping there might be an amp that allowed you to set alternative profiles but that would be far too easy! Might just try and keep the 2 aligned.

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