Changing resolution?


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Im trying to get my Z2 set up to my pc but Im having no joy at all:confused: I cant get any picture at all when trying to connect via dvi and when I connect via svideo Im stuck with the 800x600 resolution which is obviously no good.

Any help would be appreciated:smashin:

(Im using a winfast 4200ti in case thats relevant)


HI - I would check your DVI cable.

Many VGA cards only output analogue video, so check your cable has the necessary pins connected. There are DVI Digital and DVI analogue, as well as cable that do both.

Your DVI input on the Z2 is inpuit 2. In the Z2 menu you can go into input 2 and select RGB analogue - this is most likley to work.

Does your cable have 2 connectors right next to the "--" in the plug? If not, then its a digital only cable. Your Z2 will accept this selecting the right inpout mode from the menu as long as your VGA card outputs digital DVI signal.

Hope that is of help.



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Hi m8,thnx for the reply,
Ive had a little tweak and now Im really confused:confused:

As far as I can tell my dvi cable is digtal only so this would obviously explain why I cant get a picture when rgb analogue is selected,however I am still unable to get a picture even when I have selected the dvi digital input.....but,when I reboot the pc, the pj displays the pc boot sequence until the computer is fully booted then nothing again:suicide: Im assuming this proves that my card is capable of digital output but cant understand why I cant get it to continue to display:rolleyes:

Help me please:(


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Nevermind,Ive sorted it:smashin:

Just had to go to my display options,detect displays and reboot,then there was a new digital option for me to select in the display properties:D

As far as I can tell,its displaying the higher res ok as well now,but if anyones got any tips for improving the pq they would be welcome.

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