Changing Panasonic DMR-ES10 for DMR-Ex77



I was thinking of swapping the above as:

- Upscaling on EX77
- Digital Tuner on EX77
- Hard Disc Recording

I have a Panasonic Viera TH37PV500.

But readiing this forum, and trying to get some sense from Curries etc, it seems:

- Upscaling - the TV does it anyway, so no benefit. Upscaling is marketing mans way of trying to believe you will get full HD from a non HD disc, when you won't really?
- Digi Tuner - I can record Digital channels through the EPG on the TV, but can't watch one channel and record another. However, as the EX77 has only one digi tuner, I still won't be able to watch 1 channel and record another (I think) so why would I need a digi tuner in the DVD recorder? To do this I'd need twin tuners?

Which leaves only benefit as Hard Disc recording, which I can live without.

Very happy to be corrected!

john renard

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As no one else has responded, I will give it a bash for you.

(I am no expert, just an extremely satisfied EX77 owner.)

1. Upscaling: as I understand it, you are entirely correct. The TV does the upscaling, so you can safely ignore this.

2. Digi Tuner: you can watch one channel on your TV while recording another onto the EX77.

3. HDD: if you haven't experienced the benefits of HDD, I urge you to think again. For a start, there is no more fumbling around to find a spare tape or disc for a recording - just press record on your remote from the comfort of your armchair, and you will be recording immediately. Repeat as often as you like, within the (huge) capacity of the HDD of course, or delete anything you have finished with. Watching your recorded programmes is easy too - just call 'em up onto the screen, select one and off you go.

Do you want to put a recorded programme onto disc to keep, or to give someone else? With the HDD, you can easily edit out any adverts or other rubbish from the recording, then quickly copy the finished product onto a DVD.

It's also ideal if you have any VCR or camcorder tapes you want to transfer to DVD. Easily copy them onto the HDD, edit them to your heart's content, then copy to a DVD.

I could go on, but in a bit of a rush. To sum up, you will find many people who share my sentiment: "I wish I had invested in a HDD years ago."



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you can already record a freeview channel on your TV? it has a hard disc built in?

and i agree with John, i'd been looking at buying one for about a year before i finally did, and wished i'd done it sooner!

as John also said, you can record 1 freeview channel in the recorder, and watch a different channel through the TV simultaneously.

go for it!

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