Changing order of apps


Is there an app or something where I can change the order of my applications on my Desire? At the moment they are sorted alphabetically but I wish to sort them in the order I want.

Is this possible?

Also, is it possible I can change the applications screen so there are pages where I can slide left to right instead of just one page where I slide up and down?

Thanks. ;)


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To re-order them as you want, that won't be possible (well not that I know of anywhere). But what you could do is use something like Apps Organizer. And create a set of labels and then apply them to programs. And then just create a shortcut to those labels on your homescreen.

So for example, I have the labels 'Tools' & 'Games'. Both of which have a shortcut on my homescreen. Allowing me to instantly access all my games on one tap.


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Try vLauncher from the Android Market. Its an Iphone-style launcher that allows you to have all your apps plus folders on the home screen, sorted to suit your tastes, and also has separate pages for widgets :thumbsup:

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