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Jay Z

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Mar 2, 2010
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Hi ladies and gentlemen,

Happy New Year.

I hope everyone is well?

So I know this is a very surprising question as I have been on Android and had Samsung phones for well over a decade and never ever contemplated changing.

But recently my brother's Samsung Fold 2 developed issues and I gotta say backing up the phone was very painful as for some reason the laptop kept on failing the backup process using Smart switch.

So I'm actually thinking about moving to the dark side and adopting a simple life of the Apple ecosystem as I'm certain it's not as everything just works simply and without issues?

I wanted to ask a few questions to get an idea:

1. Should I make the move?
2. How easy would it be to switch over?
3. Would the newer iPhones have esim functionality
4. Can I choose any song as a ringtone?
5. What's the main difference apaer from home screen that I'll need to get used to?

It's scary that I'm thinking to change but sometimes change is good and having had the Fold 2 now, I think this year might be the one to make the move.

Let me know your thoughts guys.

I appreciate your help in advance.


Hi Jay.
Have a read of this thread and it’ll give you some good information before moving across.

1. I moved and currently happy to stay.
2. Depends on the apps you use. Some are harder to move across than others… best search how to move WhatsApp etc first.
3. I believe the new ones do.. always check though
4. Not as easy to do as Android. There are work arounds but Apple Being Apple want you to pay for them.
5. Home Screen much the much.. just need to learn the shortcuts for that phone. Somethings are done better on iPhone some better on Android.
My main annoyance with Apple atm is that I can’t customise the phone as much… why can’t I remove the torch from my Lock Screen.. I’m always pressing the Damn button by mistake.

Apple force you to do it their way or the highway.. accept that or stay with Android.
Good advice above.

My take is that you need to give yourself multiple weeks to get used to it, change previous habits, overcome new annoyances etc. I’d be surprised if it was 100% joyous, pain-free experience and you may need a decent chunk of time to acclimatise.

If you do intend to properly jump into the ecosystem, I think there’s a fair chance you’ll find yourself another contented member of the walled garden.

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