Changing from plasma to LCD.. will the current mount fit / be ok


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I'm looking to change my tv...

The current 42 panny on an M form mount sits 1000 mm off the floor, and the new LG needs to be a bit lower...

Looking at the mount, it looks like one of the universal mounts.. where it hooks over the top

The current vertical bars are 335 mm from the centre..

According to what i can glean from the new unit, which states its a vesa 400x400 mount ..

So i guess that would be 200mm from the centre for each bar

So far so good...

Now in terms of vertical adjustment, i'm guessing i can lower the panel by moving its vertical position in relation to the bars...

I guess i can drop xx mm by way of the adjustment holes, but the risk then is the bars will protrude over the top of the tv...

Can the tops of the bars be cut short if needs be?, providing that i done cut anywhere near the mount / hook section?

Or ar replacement / longer setting bars available as spares? or would i need to buy a whole new bracket / assembly..

I dont want to take the plate of the wall if i can help it, so if i could use replacement tilt brackets or modified hangers, it would save me having to remove the back plate.

That way when the new back plate arrives, i can use that and the original brackets to mount the unit

(does that make sense? )

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