Changing from Me to Xp Pro


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within the next few days i am giving it some serious thought about changing from win me to win xp pro, not having performed major surgery in the past i am to say the least a bit nervous.

Is it possible for someone to explain the easiest way to do this (please) is it best to load xp over me or do a clean install ? i just dont want to loose all the programs and settings i have under me.

any help or advise would be invaluble




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You can upgrade most O/S's to XP - I did it on my computer at work from Windows 98. A word of warning though - I found it extremely slow to use afterwards (and so did the other 3 at work who did the same). Because of this I have always prefered to do fresh installs on a clean hard disk (formatted to NTFS). At home I have kept my ME hard disk and bought a new one for XP. I have put them in removable drive trays and just put in the one that I want to boot from. That way you have still got a working system whilst you get the new one up and running !!!


Definitly do a clean install but XP makes it easy to make a dual boot setup, all you need is a spare partition to put it into, or put another drive in and load XP to that. That will keep your ME install intact and will mean you have a working PC even if the XP install doesn't go smooth.

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