Changing from a Pan s97




I no a lot of people rare about the Panasonic s97 i have one connected to a pioneer 435xde. Had it thru the HDMI and the component and to be honest the pic is crap (grainer, not that sharp, lot of noise around objects, it has been the same on both lead connects) I have the latest firmware up grade but there are still the colour issues (the pink tint in some colours) can not be that great player if they can not fix that still.

So i would like to change maybe a player with hdmi any ideas? Would spend about 300 or so, as i no that high def is on its way when they can pull the finger out.



There seems to be a bit of a performance gulf in terms of price as far as I can see it.

At about £100 notes you have the Pioneer 575, £100-200 the Denon 1920 and the S97 (which you already have), then to me, a gap between £200-400 where I cannot to be honest think of a fantastic player in that price bracket.

The next one that I could reccomend is a Denon 2910 which is about £450 - 480.

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