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ello all,

I have just bought a sony camcorder and it records stuff to a MPEG file. Now when i transfer it from the camera to the PC and try to run it in windows movie player it plays for afew seconds then stops, then plays, then stops and so on but if i play it in the software provided it with the camera it runs smooth. However this wont be any good 2 me coz i wonna start to do some editing. How can i have the format its recorded in when its on my pc or can anyone help me at all?

Many thanks guys



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Your SR50 records in MPEG2.

Any good editing software will be able to edit MPEG2 for you. It's a bit harder on a PC editing MPEG2 than DV, but if you have a reasonably modern PC you should be fine. The packages mentioned in this post will all edit MPEG2

Or there is Womble

Not as fully featured as the "mainstream" editors, but is simple and good at not requiring re-encoding.


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Try playing them mpeg in VLC or gom player

You should not really be dependent on the software that came with the camcorder

If they play OK then editing should be fine with any Mainstream NLE editor ( as Mark suggests above) or the likes of Womble

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