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Hi Everyone,

1. I currently have a 2ch system with two LK85's aktiv driving a pair of katans. My next upgrade will be to go 4ch with a pair of Ninka's and i'll probably pick up a used power amp to drive the Katan's as rears. Can I use either one or both of the katan aktiv cards to drive the Ninka's in aktiv mode or do I need to replace the ones i have? The Ninka tweeter seems the same as the Katans' hence I'm thinking I may need to change only the aktiv card for the bass.

2. Anyone heard the Ninka's being driven in aktiv mode with LK85s' ? I heard them passively with an LK140 and LK85 and they sounded very good. I reckon I could also consider going three-way aktiv buying an LK140 to power the bass along with the LK85's to take care of the mid and highs.

opinions & comments much appreciated ..... miket


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I suspect that you'll need a full new set of cards :( since most of references I've seen to multiple cards only allow Keilidh/Ninka or Tukan/Sekrit substitution with the same cards.

I've only heard Aktiv Keilidh's on LK140s and an AV5125, but I would suggest that if you're going to consider buying an LK140 then I'd look at selling the two LK85s and buying a C6100 which is supposed to be much better and would also be better balanced.

Alternatively, you could look at a pair of used AV5125's, using the cards you already have to keep the katans aktiv and the other 6 channels to power aktiv Ninka's, or perhaps 4 channel of aktiv Ninka's and two channels for a centre. AV5125s can be picked up for 8-900 at the moment if you shop around, and you could sell your LK85s for about 350 on eBay, making the upgrade relatively cheap.

Enjoy the upgrade either way :)
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