Changed ISP and now my Home Assistant Server won't work


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Hi there.

Firstly, feel free to move this thread (or have me move it) to the ISP forum if you think it would be better suited there.

I have been using Home Assistant, on a Raspberry Pi B+, for some time and it works perfectly.

I used this video:

to set up DuckDns, so I cannot remotely access the server from home and then this video

so that I can control everything with Alexa.

Was working fine until I changed from Plusnet to NowTV (went live on 8/6/22).

Remote access is a bit problematic but Alexa has now lost the ability to control my Home Assistant devices.

I have potentially narrowed things down to the fact the NowTV Router does not allow indirect port forwarding like my Plusnet one did - i.e. the video told me to forward 443 to 8123 on my serve's static IP address as well as 8123 to 8123.

To be honest, this is all above my head and I am a bit stuck in terms of knowing what to do.

Any advice on where to go from her would be much appreciated:

1. Are there are any alternatives methods to try to get Alexa working again?

2. Should I perhaps consider buying my own router instead?

3. As I am within my cooling off period, still, should I just leave NowTV and try another ISP?

Thanks very much.


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Sorry - forget that.

Just decided to go back to my previous ISP as at least I know that that works with my setup.

Learn from Mr stupid elsmandino and make sure you do a bit of research before switching ISPs!


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This is just one of the reasons I own the router & don't rent it from the ISP.


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You know its not difficult to set up if you know how, or are prepared to invest a little time in becoming familiar. You don't have to become a network guru to set up port forwarding, just don't count yourself out in being able to learn a few new things.
There are also many individuals/businesses for home setups who can come to you, assist you and/or configure the setup for a nominal fee. You shouldn't be tied to a particular provider just because your current setup works with their connection.

I should also add, there are many (at least a handful who readily contribute ) individuals here who are capable and willing to walk you through the process with patience I can only describe as 'saintly'.

Everyone here was 'Mr Stupid' at some point in their lives.

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