Changed from Sky to Sky+ now picture problem


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Sky came in and replaced my old box with a Sky+ The main set is widescreen so is fine but now my other three TVs (all non-widescreen) show an elongated picture. I've gone into settings and changed the "second set setting" to 4:3 but the problem remains. How do I correct this fault?


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All SKY hardware sends the same selected aspect ratio on all their video outputs, it's impossible for a 4:3 and 16:9 set to get the right input from the same SKY box at the same time.

First off how were the 3 TV's connected and are the settings of the SKY+ the same as the old box?


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It is NOT a fault. The second location picture settings will only activate if you use a a remote in the other rooms via a magic eye/sky link (and it will also change the format in the main room), but they will change back to first location settings when you use a remote in the main room. As stated above all outputs (scart, RF etc) all output the same format at any one time - you cannot get two different aspect ratios at the same time. The box is not designed in that way for viewing in two seperate rooms on different screen formats.


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Thanks for the quick replies...... The TVs are connected up through a booster box.
Just tried switching the Sky settings to 4:3 despite the main set being 16:9 and lo and behold, problem solved!
Now will have to see if there is any really noticeable difference to the picture on the main TV. If there is a difference then I guess I'll just have to switch to 4:3 as and when.
Thinking on, our Main TV was originally a 4:3 and when we changed over to wide screen we simply unplugged the old and plugged in the new and never touched the Sky box!
You know, getting old is not all that much fun at times but then the alternative is so much worse.
Thanks again for your help.

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