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At the moment i am still living with my Hero with about 6mths until I can upgrade. :SIGH:

But to the question. When you upgrade do you stick with something you are comfortable with or do you like the change.

For example. If you are use to HTC Sense would you make surer your next phone is a HTC or would you look to buy something different such as a SE or a Samsung so that the experience feels new and fresh.


I just buy what seems to be the best. I've got no real brand or phone bias at all, other than the fact I know I prefer Android over the others.

At the moment, I'd be tempted by the Galaxy S2 if money was no object, but as second hand buys the Incredible S that I just got for under £300 is a good deal, as is the Nexus S which seems to be well under £300.


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Short answer, I stick with what I know and am comfortable with.

Long answer however, I'm a creature of habit and old school so I don't like a huge shift in change of the software. But then, I spend a lot of time getting to know the ins and outs of the OS and making it exactly how I like after which is gets used heavily so I don't want to spend the time and effort in learning a new OS just for the sake of it. If something works well for you and meets all your needs, why bother going through all the effort of having to learn a new UI from scratch?

Changes in hardware are just fine, I switched recently from a pure keyboard to touch screen + keyboard where the symbols and other alt/shift/caps characters are slightly different. For the first few weeks, I was continually pressing the wrong key because I was used to old keyboard but this will change in time.

In contrast, the shift from say Windows Mobile 6.x to Windows Phone 7 was too much for me as I was completely lost. Hell, even the switch from BlackBerry OS5 to BB OS6 got me mad with all the subtle eye candy tweaks that changed everything :mad:

A quick straw poll around everyone here (about 15 people) shows an expected result: the young whipper snappers like to try different handsets and software and don't mind change as long as it has <insert favourite inane social media feature here>. The old timers generally do not like change and are more interested in how useful the handware/software is for them rather than trying out the latest cool new feature. Universally, very few are prepared to mess around with app stores as the general concensus is that their moby should do everything they want "out of the box".

iPhone is the OS virtually everyone would change to if forced due to ease of use and the lower learning curve. Android second but more for the curiosity value now that it's overtaken Apple.
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I dont really have a perticular preferance when it comes to phones, as long as its running android i will consider it(as long as its not a motorola or sony ericsson) the look and feel of the ui can be changed, so as far as im concerned its just a case of what hardware do i want.
But if a meego phone is announced i will have it on launch day and drop android.

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