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change for change sake


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I have a sony cd deck model No XB930 must be at least eight years old and still going strong,well built and well featured.My question to forum members is has cd player technology moved along enough to warrant me changing my trusted sony cd player,aside from the obvious sacd playback.


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I still use my XB930E and i have it hooked up to a Beresford DAC and the difference is very small if you have the filter set to 1.

I also use a NAD C521BBE which does sound better via the DAC.

The 930 is a very well built solid heavy piece of kit, if i remember correctly it was the first player to better the KI63sig which for years had stood supreme.

Unless you have a fair sum to spend, and your 930 is in good condition, i wouldn't bother.


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Many thanks for your reply,killerof threads,just out of curiosity have you found any discernable difference in the various filter options on the sony.


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keith, what you're asking is if any cdp today will sound better than one from 8 years ago. however, you'll find that each brand tends to have its own 'sound'.

why not check out cdps from marantz, ca, rega, naim, et al and see (hear?) if you find something you like? it might not be 'better' strictly speaking, but instead something you find more pleasing than the sony.


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Keith I'd happily use a Sony QS 930 CDP with any amp and speakers costing £1000 a piece, not sure what your system is but it is a fine CDP, the biggest changes I have found are from speakers > amps > digital sources (CDPS, DACs, DVDPs). Why not add a DAC?

But what in reality I am saying is improve speakers then amp. :smashin:

dynamic turtle

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You will certainly be able to achieve a different, if not exactly better sound if you spend more money. Generally speaking, the more you spend, the better the power supply and output stage should be. This SHOULD result it higher s/n ratios and dynamic range. However, it might also increase transparency and detail too much in the treble, making it explicit. Failing that, it might have a more pronounced mid-band that could be hard to get used to.

I've owned two Sony spinners with similar architecture to the XB940 and would say that you will miss their relaxed/smooth presentation, if you decide to opt for a bass monster like an Esound E5 or Audiolab 8000CD.

I still use a cheesy £50 Philips DVD963sa next to my heavily upgraded £2k shanling sacd and I still love its smooth presentation. The shanling can be a bit in-yer-face and "hyperactive" on some material.

Be careful spending money on CD players. You might be better of spending it on amps or speakers instead.


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