Champions League?


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Why isn't tonights Liverpool match on the HD channel :mad:

What are we paying for exactly $ky :mad: :mad:

All I've seen in HD so far is the damn cricket!

:suicide: :suicide: :suicide: :suicide: :suicide:


Sky didn't have rights to most of the Champions League last year either.

Damn shame felt sick watching Arsenal play on ITV last night , despite the 3-0 score:oops:
ITV bitrate SUCKS:nono:


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Thing is they advertise the fact of the Champions League in HD???

I'm sure we all have seen the advert?


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Sky's deal for the Champions League is for the Wednesday games, and all but the top 2 of each of the Tuesday games (which are ITV's), once the group stages start.

The current games, which are preliminary round matches, are sold on a game by game basis by the home team. ITV are shareholders in both Arsenal and Liverpool, which probably helps negotiations.

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