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Mar 1, 2002
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What is wrong with Man. Utd. at the moment? Last nights display of the beautiful game was to be polite ugly.

Yes they scrapped and they have some decent players, but IMO, they are a fraction of the 'team' that they were when Beckham played last season.

Whats gone wrong in 12 months?

To start off: the majority of there decent players are past there best. To name a few, Giggs, Keane, Scholes, Neville, O. Gunner....


the new players arent up to speed yet, Ronaldo he is energetic but weak physically and not clinical. Fletcher looks like a bafoon when he is on the ball - really, his whole method appears donkey like when running on the ball.

On the upside I feel they have an excellent keeper in Tim Howard. His one mistake last night does not do him justice.
they are a fraction of the 'team' that they were when Beckham played
You've answered your own question. He is a real play maker. No one in that team can deliver deep ball with the accuracy that he can. They miss him whether they addmit it or not. Ronaldo is not the same type of player at all. Also Keane, when he plays, is getting increasingly angry again, more like he used to be, but this time it's largely frustration, directed at others, due to him self not being able to do it like he once could.
I thought Darren Fletcher was excellent last night - always willing to run back to help out while getting stuck in in the midfield.

Thought it was a mistake taking him off and replacing him with the one trick pony. Perhaps youg Fletcher would have been a little more defensive minded. Wes Brown had a good game (at last) and G Neville did the boring stuff well. Although Phil Neville is at heart a good player - he can be too much of a liability - clumsy sod. RvN and Saha did OK, but nothing exceptional, Giggs and Scholes were outstanding and Butt was reliable.

On the whole I thought they played well, and held Porto to a limited number of chances considering they are one of Europe's better club sides on current form.

Porto were a disgrace with their acting and that offside decision was poor - hope the ref can sleep easy. However, how many decisions like this have gone FOR United over the years - and this coming from a United fan...

A very disappointing night. You can shrug you shoulders and not care when they play poorly (too many times this season), but to get this result when playing better than they have for some time was hard to take.

Still, there is always the league and the FA Cup. All this talk of relocating the semi final to Cardiff on the Saturday is wrong. They should now play it on the Monday night... unless they have any spare tickets...

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been out for the last 4 months through injury. I'll be glad when he gets back to full match fitness...

Scholes was, as usually, at his best last night although Giggs and Butt couldn't pass even the simplest of passes last night. One of the highlights was Eric Djemba-Djemba, he was class.
COME ON THE GUNNERS as a gunner im glad that man u went out. the amount of money alex ferguson has spent last few years they should be winning everything also i think there relying too much on the horse i think he needs a rest as last night he looked knackered
What a good result for Arsenal last night - Henry on target - but for me Dennis BergK. was the star, forget the likes of Viera he's good but not in the same league as D.B.

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